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Wash Times: David Bossie: Biden administration not taken seriously by America’s world adversaries

Beijing openly takes advantage of anti-American critical race theory and cancel culture

Americans were promised a lie that electing Joe Biden would bring “normalcy” back and restore America’s standing on the world’s stage. What’s happening instead is something Democrats falsely claimed was happening under President Trump — Joe Biden and his administration are not being taken seriously by America’s top geopolitical adversaries.

For months, President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and congressional Democrats have made it a top priority to tear down America. Sadly, a central tenet of the new radical left’s platform is to ignore American exceptionalism while teaching our children that the greatest country in the history of the world is actually rooted in evil.

Over and over again, Democratic politicians are rewarded by the biased mainstream media for attacking our Founders and core values. While this rhetoric may appeal to the anti-American socialists who compose a significant portion of their base, they aren’t the only ones paying attention to the divisive and intellectually dishonest comments. As demonstrated by last week’s disastrous summit with Communist China, this growing body of “America is inherently evil, racist, misogynist” pseudo-sociology has undermined the United States’ standing as leader of the free world.

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