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Wash Times: Bossie: Biden’s rush to discard Trump-era policies has already backfired

Trump Derangement Syndrome causes Joe Biden to return to weak and feckless Obama foreign policy

It’s become clear that President Biden suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome and that’s bad news for America’s national security. Mr. Biden is a puppet for his left-wing base and this means reversing as many Trump policies as possible — even if they achieved positive results for America.

This alarming behavior is terrible our country. Why raise taxes, knowing it will hurt our economy? Why stop building the border wall, knowing it will increase illegal immigration? Why give China a free pass for its human rights abuses, knowing it will only embolden them?

Eliminating programs that don’t work is one thing, but throwing out the baby with the bath water is stunning incompetence and a horrible precedent to set. Our country can’t survive if each new administration’s entire existence focuses on undoing an outgoing president’s agenda, regardless if it was successful. This is dangerous and the world is paying close attention.

Former President Trump adopted a doctrine of peace through strength while promoting America First principles on the world stage as his foreign policy. Mr. Trump rebuilt our military and national defense, renegotiated unfair trade deals, utilized our military power wisely and promoted American Exceptionalism around the globe.

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