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Wash Times: Bossie: A Biden prime-time address, but no press conference

Stunt is meant to distract from the fact that Biden hasn’t answered any unscripted questions about anything

The White House announced this week that President Biden will be making his first prime-time address to the nation on Thursday evening. The president will update the American people about the COVID-19 pandemic on the one-year anniversary of our country’s lockdowns.

Instead of holding a press conference to answer questions about important issues facing the American people or addressing the nation before a joint session of Congress — as is customary — Mr. Biden has scheduled a carefully orchestrated speech in which he will read from a teleprompter for 10 or 15 minutes and then slink back into hiding somewhere in the White House residence. This stunt is meant to distract citizens from the fact that Mr. Biden hasn’t come forward yet to answer any unscripted questions about anything — including the escalating crisis his irresponsible executive orders have caused at our southern border.

During his remarks on Thursday, Mr. Biden will no doubt take credit for the recent approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and falling death counts even though it’s widely acknowledged that it was President Trump’s tremendously successful Operation Warp Speed that paved the way for the first vaccine to be approved in just a short eight months. Despite his hollow pleas for unity, Mr. Biden continues to perpetuate the false narrative about “the mess we inherited.” If Mr. Biden were truly interested in uniting the country, he would give Mr. Trump credit where credit is due, but he never will.

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