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WaPo: Trump ally launches effort to blunt Md. governor’s potential 2020 challenge

As President Trump’s allies continue to try to discourage Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan from mounting a 2020 primary challenge, the president’s former deputy campaign manager David M. Bossie has started to organize a political salvo: A collection of endorsements for the president’s reelection campaign from prominent Maryland Republicans.

Bossie, who is one of two Republican National Committee representatives for Maryland, spoke at the Montgomery County GOP Convention on Saturday. There he met privately with allies of the president to discuss assembling a statement that would send a clear signal to Hogan (R) about Trump’s support in the state as the governor mulls a 2020 bid, according to two people familiar with the effort who were not authorized to speak publicly about it. They said the statement, which is not yet finalized, is expected to express support for Hogan as governor while fully backing Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Hogan — who has high approval ratings in heavily Democratic Maryland — has long been critical of the president, but he has become more vocal since starting his second term this year. Maryland limits its governors to two terms, and some high-profile conservatives have encouraged Hogan to challenge Trump in the presidential primary. Last week, Hogan accused the RNC of taking “unprecedented” steps to close ranks around Trump and shield him from potential challengers.

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