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The Idaho Statesman: Citizens United PAC endorses Smith over Simpson in Idaho 2nd CD

The conservative group that won the landmark 2010 First Amendment case that ended restrictions on independent political spending by corporations, associations and labor unions has endorsed tea party Republican Bryan Smith over eight-term Congressman Mike Simpson in the 2014 Idaho GOP primary.

“Bryan Smith is a constitutional conservative who will come to Washington to take on the failed establishment – not become part of the club like Congressman Mike Simpson,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, in a news release. “Bryan Smith will be guided by his core conservative principles and take on the status quo that has gotten America into this fiscal mess in the first place. Smith understands that Washington is broken and that our current leaders are not getting the job done. That is why CUPVF is supporting the conservative candidate Bryan Smith in this race.”

Read more here at the Idaho Statesman here.

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