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THE DAILY CALLER: DAVID BOSSIE: Biden Announces His 2024 Retirement Campaign

Joe Biden has chosen “Let’s Finish The Job” for his 2024 re-election campaign slogan. To tens of millions of hardworking taxpayers, this is a very scary proposition because they know that the job President Biden wants to finish is fundamentally transforming America into the world’s next failed socialist state.

Curiously, nowhere in Biden’s video announcing his candidacy for four more years in the White House did he mention even one accomplishment. Nowhere did he mention the economy, crime, foreign policy, or immigration. And there’s a good reason for that; the Biden agenda has failed us miserably. The Biden-Harris ‘24 three minute kick-off spot isn’t grounded in reality. In fact, it depicts the warped vision of a hopelessly tone deaf 80 year old career politician who’s in complete denial of where we are as a country.

Imagine for a moment if Jimmy Carter ran on “finishing the job” in 1980. He would have been laughed out of the room — and the same should go for Joe Biden. Biden came to office promising to heal and unify, but since coming to power he’s behaved like a bull in a china shop, breaking almost everything he’s come into contact with. This president opened our southern border and created a war zone and fentanyl epidemic; he spent and borrowed taxpayers dollars like a drunken sailor and created an inflation disaster; he embraced George Soros’ vision of “reimagining policing” and made our cities and neighborhoods far less safe; his drive to gut the American energy industry has caused gas prices to skyrocket and remain uncomfortably high; and despite our staggering $31 trillion national debt, Joe Biden is unwilling to trim even one dollar from the budget.

Because of Joe Biden’s reckless policies, recent polling indicates that 69 percent of the American people hold pessimistic views about our economy both now and for the future. Only 25 percent think America is on the right track compared to 65 percent who think we’re headed in the wrong direction. And President Biden himself is stuck with a dismally low approval rating in the low 40s — and that’s on a good day.

Let’s face it; Joe Biden had a chance to do something important by bringing Americans together after the 2020 COVID-19 election and he chose not to. So, the questions going forward are familiar ones. Are you better off today than you were three years ago? And is the world a more stable place with President Biden calling the shots? We all know the truth.

Unfortunately, Biden’s failures don’t stop at the water’s edge. No, this president’s incompetence is having a negative impact overseas as well. President Biden’s incomprehensible decision to pull out of Afghanistan has allowed the Taliban to retake the country, thus wasting twenty years of American blood and treasure. And his policy of sending untold billions of unchecked taxpayer dollars to Ukraine for “as long as it takes” to fund America’s next forever war is simply continuing his decades-long record of wrong moves on matters of foreign policy.

No one believes that President Biden is leading an American comeback. That’s a blatant lie that’s only been allowed to remain on life support due to the biased mainstream media’s ongoing cover-up. To be sure, the malaise that Joe Biden has brought to America smacks of the depressing days during the second half of President Carter’s term in 1979 and 1980. And similar to Carter’s leadership gap, our country isn’t respected around the world today; and this time the reason is Biden.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden is 80 years old and going on 90 it seems. Even the casual observer can see that this president isn’t firing on all cylinders. President Biden’s advanced age has forced him to delegate too much power to unelected senior staff and faceless bureaucrats and that’s yielded cataclysmic results for American families who deserve a fully functioning chief executive.

Questions about Biden’s cognitive decline and health will be an issue in the 2024 campaign, but just as important are the questions about whether this president is compromised due to his family’s complex web of overseas business entanglements with foreign adversaries. The liberal media won’t touch this story with a ten foot poll because they know an essential truth: bank records don’t lie. With each passing week, congressional investigators discover more international wire transfers ending up in Biden bank accounts. These allegations won’t go away and credible evidence from government whistleblowers will only keep them in the forefront going forward.

Washington Democrats have decided to throw caution to the wind and put all their eggs in Biden’s basket despite the downsides. It appears that no one in the Democrat Party with any electability has the courage to take on the perilous Biden-Harris ticket, like Senator Ted Kennedy did with his challenge to the unpopular Carter-Mondale team in 1980. So, leftists in Congress, the mainstream media, academia, and Big Tech are now forced to continue their efforts to prop up Joe Biden, but thankfully the American people have the ultimate say.

2024 will be a referendum on President Biden and his failed agenda — and it’s time for voters to “finish the job” and send him back to Delaware for his long overdue retirement.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016. @David_Bossie @Citizens_United

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