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Politico Arena: Can Todd Akin pull off a win?

Senator John Cornyn’s job as National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman is to win Senate races and help Mitch McConnell become the next Senate Majority Leader. To pass over this winnable Senate race in Missouri would be a dereliction of duty. Todd Akin has a path to victory, against a horribly weak incumbent, as long as […]

Citizens United Releases July 2012 Edition of Obama Biden Watch

In This Issue: *Why The Chick-fil-A Debate Matters *Political Correctness Hurts American Security *Obama’s War on The American Dream *The ‘Change’ We Didn’t Want *Obama, the Broken Record *CU President David Bossie joins Politico’s ‘The Arena’ *Citizens United Productions – The Gift Of Life with Governor Mike Huckabee *Final Thoughts from Citizens United President David […]