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David Bossie Op-ed: Democrats Walking The Plank On Impeachment

The desperate Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are giddy.

They think that with the newly released transcript detailing what was said on a phone call between President Donald Trump and the new President of Ukraine in July, their impeachment ship has finally come in. What they don’t realize is that their unrelenting obsession for impeachment is actually an in-kind contribution to the Trump re-election campaign.

To remove any hint of uncertainty and to create transparency, President Trump released the transcript from the phone call. The Democrats are now in full spin mode trying to explain away the discovery by the Intelligence community’s Inspector General’s that the whistleblower in question is biased politically against President Trump and why no quid pro quo was revealed in the transcript. Regardless of the facts, the left’s partisan drive to impeachment is now full steam ahead.

These latest politically inspired allegations were leaked at a convenient time for the Democrats. To date, their plans to remove a duly elected president from power have been an utter and complete bust.

Let’s remember, the all-important Mueller report cleared the President of any wrongdoing. With jailed Michael Cohen’s testimony, the Democrats showcased a serial liar as their star witness. And most recently, potential U.S. Senate candidate and former Trump campaign manager candidate Corey Lewandowski singlehandedly bench pressed the entire Democrat membership of the House Judiciary Committee, even Chairman Jerry Nadler.

But Speaker Pelosi’s devious plan is working like a charm. She always knew she’d have to give in to “The Squad’s” unhinged demands eventually, and the Ukrainian hoax being spun up by her allies in the liberal media is just the cover she needs. Pelosi wanted to appear measured about the thought of a divisive impeachment investigation, but now she’s all in.

208 out of 235 members in Pelosi’s radical caucus now support opening an official impeachment inquiry of President Trump. They didn’t need to wait for the transcript to come out, because the conclusion had already been made. The American people know the fix is in; impeachment at any cost, even with no evidence.

These Democrats have nowhere else to turn. They have no positive agenda to offer the American people. Instead, their plans would raise taxes and regulations, wreck the amazing Trump economy, decriminalize illegal immigration, open our borders and kick about two hundred million Americans off of their private health insurance with the lie that is Medicare for All.

So, how desperate is the band of Democrat wingnuts in the House? They would rather gamble on an impeachment investigation that only 37 percent of the American people support, than vote on their unpassable and wildly unpopular socialist legislative proposals. These Democrats hate this President more than they love their country.

But it’s even crazier than that. With the decision to investigate what was said on the classified phone call with new Ukrainian President Zelensky, the Democrats are opening the door to crush Biden – their presidential frontrunner – with his own allegation regarding Ukraine. The problem for Biden is that the charges of using his office to enrich his family are far more developed, not that the anti-Trump media would ever acknowledge that.

In the case of Swampy Joe, Biden is on video admitting that he pressured Ukrainian leaders to fire a top prosecutor in their country or the Obama Administration would withhold foreign aid. The problem is that the prosecutor was at the time investigating Burisma, a gas company in which Biden’s son Hunter was paid millions as a board member.

The Democrats’ are so fixated on trying to impeach President Trump they would even sacrifice Biden, the candidate who is supposedly beating the President in early national public polling (if you believe the polls). This is classic Trump Derangement Syndrome.

This weekend Joe Biden said he’s never discussed Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings with him even though that contradicts what Hunter himself told the media in July. If there’s nothing to see here, then why mislead the media?

Joe Biden needs to come clean about his family’s business dealings in Ukraine, China and anywhere else and what role he played. It’s incumbent that the biased media and congressional oversight committees investigate these allegations because it appears as though former Vice President Biden abused his power to help his family get rich.

In the meantime, President Trump’s re-election is becoming more and more likely. The President’s accomplishments over the past three years has the economy humming along with historic low 3.7 percent unemployment and now the Democrats are about to hand him the gift that is the totally whacky, completely untested, and extremely far-left Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor and the former deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President.

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