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JUST THE NEWS: President of Citizens United slams Biden for labeling those who didn’t vote for him ‘semi-fascist’

Citizens United President Dave Bossie called out President Joe Biden on “Just the News, Not Noise,” for calling those who voted for Donald Trump “semi-fascist.”

“Joe Biden’s out there calling every Republican in the country and the 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump semi-fascist,” said Bossie. “This is a disgusting display of partisanship from a guy who got elected by claiming he was going to be a uniter.”

Bossie said that the Republicans’ response to this should be to get out and vote in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections to stop the “left-wing onslaught.”

“In order for America to recover, we have to have Republicans elected this November,” Bossie stated.

Bossie explained that Republicans need to get their messaging across for the midterms and get votes to take back some control.

“Republicans better return to message very, very quickly,” Bossie warned. “Your average American doesn’t pay attention to elections until post Labor Day. But we have plenty of time.”

Bossie believes the Inflation Reduction Act will backfire on Biden in the upcoming midterms.

“This lunacy that Joe Biden has pushed, is not going to help anything,” Bossie said in reference to the Inflation Reduction Act. “If anything, it’s going to harm the economy.”

Bossie explained that another mistake Biden is making is demonizing the MAGA movement.

MAGA just means “Make America Great Again,” Bossie explained. “And that’s what the Democrats don’t want. They hate America. They don’t want America to be great again. They want to fundamentally transform America into a socialist nation.”

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