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FOX NEWS: DAVID BOSSIE: What Tuesday's election results tell Biden, Democrats and Republicans

Joe Biden’s hot inflation summer has begun and the results of this week’s primary and run-off elections around the country provided some important insight into how Americans are feeling about his failing presidency and what issues they care about the most. Unsurprisingly, there’s a complete disconnect between what career politicians in Washington are prioritizing and what hardworking families need them to focus on.

The American people are hurting from the high cost of gas and groceries — and just about everything in between — and are concerned for the future of the country.  Recent polling indicates that an astonishing 70 percent believe that America is on the wrong track under President Biden and his approval rating is clocking in under 40 percent on a regular basis.

According to Fox News survey data from June, Biden’s approval rating on his handling of the economy is just 29 percent and when it comes to the inflation crisis, his approval comes in at an abysmal 23 percent.

It’s clear that voters are most concerned about their economic well-being more than anything else and are turning out to the polls in historic numbers because inflation is keeping them up at night.

Be that as it may, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s out of touch Democrat-controlled Congress — with the help of RINO Congresswoman Liz Cheney — has chosen to continue its never-ending war against President Trump instead of waging a war against inflation to help struggling Americans.  The fact is that what happened on January 6, 2021, will have little to do with the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections.  President Trump isn’t on the ballot — but Joe Biden’s disastrous policies are.

In Alabama’s GOP run-off election for U.S. Senate, first time candidate Katie Britt prevailed. With her impressive victory, Britt is one step closer to becoming the first woman elected to the Senate from Alabama in history.  If elected — which is highly likely in ruby red Alabama — Britt must join the growing ranks of “next generation” conservative U.S. Senators such as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and Marco Rubio who are determined to not just manage the decay in Washington but finally get America’s fiscal house in order.

Republicans turned out in droves in the Yellowhammer State to cast a vote for their next U.S. Senator in a summer run-off election.

This is just more evidence that Republicans are energized in 2022 and ready to make a statement at the polls in November against the failed leadership of Joe “The Great Inflator” Biden and his country-wrecking socialist agenda. Britt was spot on when she recently stated that voters “miss the America First agenda and they are ready for our country to get back on track.”

Similar messages were sent in two swing districts within the renewed presidential battleground state of Virginia.

In Virginia’s 2nd congressional district, State Senator and Navy veteran Jen Kiggans won the Republican primary election to take on Pelosi puppet Rep. Elaine Luria in November. And in the 7th congressional district, rising America first superstar Yesli Vega won her competitive primary contest to take on far-left Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

So, what’s causing the Republican energy in support of conservative women all across the country? Like longtime Clinton strategist James Carville used to say, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  On June 18, 1978 — about four months before President Jimmy Carter’s midterm election — The New York Times ran a column entitled “How Carter Can Stop Inflation.”  The piece is eerily similar to the situation that Joe Biden finds himself in 44 years later.

For example, the piece states “In his early days in the White House, Jimmy Carter didn’t greatly pretend to treat it in any serious way at all.”

Sound familiar? The column goes on to say that “With the help of Congress, Jimmy Carter has, in fact, needlessly exacerbated inflation.”

Remember Biden’s irresponsible multi-trillion dollar pandemic spending spree? The column also asks, “So now the Carter Administration boldly proclaims that something must be done…The question is whether what is being tried, or is likely to be tried, will work…” One thing is for certain: Biden and the Democrats’ modern day Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake” routine is horribly tone-deaf.

When people can’t afford to fill up their gas tanks, advising them to buy an expensive electric car is insulting; and the president traveling to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil isn’t going to solve the problem either.

Let’s face it, President Trump understood that energy security is national security and that’s why he made America energy independent.

These primary results should make Democrats extraordinarily nervous about the rapidly approaching midterm elections.

The Biden presidency has brought a crime crisis, border crisis, inflation crisis, gas price crisis and baby formula crisis to our country.

These are real problems that have Americans of all political stripes hurting. Not since the days of Jimmy Carter has America seen a malaise set in around the country like we’re seeing today.

Complete Democrat control of both houses of Congress and the White House got us into this mess and a return to the America first agenda will lead us out of it.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor, the 2016 deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, and the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the Clinton administration. He is the co-author with Corey Lewandowski of “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds,”  along with “Let Trump Be Trump”  and “Trump’s Enemies.”

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