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Fox News: David Bossie: Trump impeachment trial — Dems need to wrap up this sham and get to work before it's too late

This is an abuse of power, plain and simple, and the American people are paying close attention

It’s February 2021. The election of 2020 has come and gone. President Donald Trump is not the president of the United States and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is not presiding over the U.S. Senate.

So, why are the Democrats holding an illegitimate impeachment show trial after President Joe Biden implored all of us to unite just 23 days ago?

As House impeachment managers closed their weak opening arguments on Thursday, COVID-19 has killed over 473,000 people – including over 73,000 on Biden’s watch – and millions of Americans are still struggling to make ends meet.

But here we are watching the Democrat-controlled Senate sworn-in as a court of impeachment wasting precious time conducting an unconstitutional sham trial of former President Trump.

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