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Fox News: David Bossie: Biden must report to Congress in 40 days – what will he say?

Biden’s partisan staff may feel good about spiking the football on the first day, but it might not be serving the new president well

Joe Biden has been president of the United States for just over twenty-four hours and the Biden doctrine is already coming into focus: say one thing and do another.

Biden’s overarching theme at Wednesday’s inaugural address was unity and rightly so. He won the presidency by just 43,000 votes in three key states, the U.S. Senate is split down the middle at 50-50, and Democrats have a razor-thin 221-211 majority in the U.S. House.

The 46th president’s speech contained all the right words that a divided nation needed to hear.

After all, focusing on unity is critically important to the health of our republic and for future generations. President Biden even went as far to say that the beautiful ideal of national unification is something that lies deep within him.

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