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Fox News: David Bossie: Biden-Fauci COVID surprise coming? Sinking poll numbers, crises may bring course correction

The arrogant Biden brain trust is running out of options

With all of the Biden-created crises worsening by the day, the president’s radical agenda stalled in Congress, and more daunting problems coming on the radar with no end in sight, Americans are facing a crisis of confidence not felt since the depressing days of stagflation and the Iranian hostage crisis during the administration of President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and 1980.

The unforeseen consequences of vaccine mandates are continuing to backfire by causing more pain across the country with airline and hospital worker shortages; supply chain disruptions are causing enormous economic concern; the prices of oil, gasoline and groceries are all on the rise; and the Virginia governor’s race is on the verge of getting away from the Democrats. Joe Biden needs to make an abrupt change double quick.

Biden’s border crisis, Biden’s crime crisis, Biden’s inflation crisis and Biden’s Afghanistan crisis – while still ongoing disasters – are getting pushed out of the headlines because the mainstream media fully supports the Biden administration and frankly, it’s getting impossible to cover it all. And, set aside for a moment the slow-moving train wreck that is the Hunter Biden conflict of interest saga.

The White House must be a very difficult place to work in these days because the arrogant Biden brain trust is running out of options. Questions like “how did it get so bad so quickly” and “what can we do to stop the bleeding” are getting hard to answer.

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