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David N. Bossie and Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorse Scott Parkinson for U.S. Senate from Virginia

“Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m pleased to endorse citizen-politician Scott Parkinson for U.S. Senate from Virginia. Scott is a principled conservative change agent who has a proven track record of taking on the failed status quo in Washington regardless of party.

On day one, Parkinson will be a leader in the Senate fighting against the reckless spending habits that have paved the way for our once unthinkable $31 trillion national debt. Scott will be a tireless advocate for fiscal responsibility, regular order, a transparent appropriations process, and putting an end to irresponsible omnibus spending bills – things that ultra-partisan incumbent Senator Tim Kaine forgot about a long time ago.

Virginia deserves a senator who isn’t just a rubberstamp for wokeism and the socialist green economic policies being pushed by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and the radical Soros network. Over the decades, Tim Kaine has become an out of touch career politician who’s shown no interest in standing up to the Biden Administration to address the inflation crisis, open border crisis, and crime crisis that their policies have created.

The U.S. Senate needs more citizen-politicians like Scott Parkinson. Scott will be a reform-minded legislator on issues like parents rights in education and school choice, and if elected will join the growing ranks of senators who support congressional term limits because Congress needs fresh ideas and a new generation of innovative thinkers. Tim Kaine came to Washington and joined the club; Scott Parkinson on the other hand will confront the swamp in order to solve big problems and demand accountability in government.”

-Citizens United President David N. Bossie

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