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David N. Bossie and Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorse Kari Lake for U.S. Senate from Arizona

“Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m proud to endorse Kari Lake for United States Senate. 

First and foremost, Kari is a principled conservative outsider – not a career politician.  She’s coming to Washington to solve tough problems, not kick the can down the road.  In the U.S. Senate, Kari will fight for our shared conservative values of limited government, border security, freedom of enterprise, and strong families.   

Kari will stand tall for our God-given liberties and will always take on the failed status quo in Washington, D.C that has paved the way for America’s unsustainable $34 trillion national debt.  

Kari Lake’s America first strategy for the border prioritizes the security of the people of Arizona, period.  President Joe Biden’s disastrous open border policy has caused a fentanyl, humanitarian, and national security crisis and I know that Kari is focused on stopping this catastrophe once and for all.   

Kari shares President Donald Trump’s optimistic vision for a peaceful and prosperous America and she will take that hopeful mindset to the halls of Congress.  The bottom line is that with Kari Lake in the Senate, the people of Arizona can trust that they have a fighter in D.C. who puts their safety first.” 

-Citizens United President David N. Bossie   

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