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David N. Bossie and Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorse Conservative Yesli Vega for U.S. House

Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m pleased to endorse Yesli Vega for the U.S. House from Virginia’s 7th congressional district. After witnessing the damage that Biden & Pelosi’s radical socialist agenda has done to our country over the past year and a half, we need strong conservative outsiders like Yesli Vega in Congress, not more career politicians.

Yesli Vega’s life story is the embodiment of the American Dream & she will prioritize defending the U.S. Constitution and our God-given liberty. As a Deputy Sheriff, Yesli will stand tall for law and order and side by side with the heroic men & women of law enforcement. Yesli will also fight to secure our southern border and get tough on the fentanyl crisis once and for all.

Biden and Pelosi’s disastrous policies have created a border crisis, an inflation crisis & a crime crisis. Thankfully, Yesli Vega will serve as a key player in a new conservative majority in Congress that will serve as a much needed check and balance on the Biden Administration.

– Citizens United President David N. Bossie

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