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David N. Bossie and Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorse Alex Mooney for U.S. Senate from West Virginia

“Along with Citizens United Political Victory Fund, I’m pleased to endorse Congressman Alex Mooney for U.S. Senate from West Virginia. CUPVF has enthusiastically supported Mooney since his first race for Congress because he’s a principled constitutional conservative that West Virginians can count on.

First and foremost, Alex Mooney has always been a conservative Republican and will always be a conservative Republican; and that’s exactly the kind of U.S. Senator West Virginians deserve. Alex, a longtime member of the House Freedom Caucus, will be a leader fighting for the rights of the unborn and fully understands that our border must be secured as an urgent matter of national security. Mooney supports impeaching DHS Secretary Mayorkas to hold him accountable for the border disaster that’s unfolded on his watch.

Mooney will also confront the Biden Administration’s radical green agenda and continue to be a tireless advocate for West Virginia jobs and American energy independence. Alex Mooney will fight for much needed fiscal responsibility in the Senate and if elected will join the growing ranks of Senators who support congressional term limits because Washington must listen to the American people and reform the way it does business.

CUPVF fought hard for this seat in 2018 until the very end and unfortunately Senator Manchin won by just 19,000 votes. In 2024, every conservative must rally around conservative Republican Alex Mooney for U.S. Senate so West Virginians don’t have to worry about having a senator in Washington who supports the left-wing Biden agenda.”

-Citizens United President David N. Bossie

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