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DAILY CALLER: DAVID BOSSIE: The Biden Crime Family Report Is A Game-Changer

The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability chaired by Congressman James Comer of Kentucky released a game-changing interim report in their investigation into Biden family corruption this week sending shockwaves through Washington, D.C. that could have been measured on the Richter scale.

The meticulously detailed 36-page briefing memo made one thing perfectly clear: The Biden family is in politics not just for public service, but also to make money — and lots of it. Four subpoenas yielded the mother lode of bank records and wire transfer reports that provided critical details into the alleged criminal enterprise that the American people have been reading about — and lied to about — for years now. The underlying source documents show how Biden family members and business associates set up a complex network of over twenty limited liability corporations and shell companies in order to move and conceal funds, and in the process make it abundantly more difficult for any investigators like Chairman Comer to follow the flow of money from business to business and account to account.

To date, official financial records show more than $10 million flowing from foreign sources in China and Romania into accounts controlled by Biden business associates who then disseminated large amounts of cash to as many as nine Biden family members, including Hunter Biden. And anyone who’s been following this story for the past five years knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more countries, more international businessmen, and millions more in foreign income for the Biden family — and it’s all going to come out for the American people to see for themselves. House Republicans will continue to methodically follow the money, just like in the case of President Richard Nixon and Watergate. And much to Joe Biden’s chagrin, bank records didn’t lie back then and they don’t lie now.

The Comer report has put everyone on notice that this scandal is real and it’s not going away. Now that the public has gotten to see images of all of these big money wire transfers from foreign sources with their own eyes, President Biden can no longer simply dismiss it all as “not true.” You see, someone is lying and it’s not the documents. These shady and lucrative financial transactions took place both during and after Joe Biden’s vice presidency and that goes to the core questions of the case. First, what exactly did the extended Biden family do to earn all of this of this income; and second, what did Joe Biden know and when did he know it?

The White House and their allies in the biased mainstream media are trying — with a straight face believe it or not — to say that President Biden wasn’t a part of these corrupt business ventures that were taking place while he was serving as Barack Obama’s vice president. That strains credulity because anyone with a lick of common sense sees this for what it is — a high dollar influence peddling operation that spiraled out of control. Those suggesting that Hunter Biden and James Biden would have made all this money if Joe Biden wasn’t a very powerful politician sitting at the highest levels of government can’t be taken seriously. Let’s be honest; this money didn’t come in because Hunter Biden is some business genius or public policy expert. This money came in because Joe Biden was a sitting Vice President of the United States who someday might be president. And on January 20, 2021, those investments paid off in spades.

In fact, the evidence suggests not only did Joe Biden know about these deals, but that he was the lynchpin of the whole operation. It’s for that reason and that reason alone that this investigation is an investigation focused on the activities of the president of the United States and not his son, or any other family member. Case in point is several of the sinister wire transfers in question ended up in an account labeled simply as “Biden.” President Biden must come clean about these transactions without delay and tell the American people who this bank account belongs to. No more disinformation campaigns. No more lies. No more ducking questions. No more malarkey.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, and he served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016. @David_Bossie @Citizens_United

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