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CUPVF Radio Spot “Herd” – Indiana U.S. Senate In Support Of Conservative Marlin Stutzman

Baa. Baaaa.

The professional politicians in Washington think you’re sheep! [Baa, baaa continues in background throughout].

You heard me. Sheep!

Those Washington insiders back Todd Young for Senate and you’re supposed to obey.

But Young’s no conservative. Conservative Review gives him a big fat F!

Still, the same folks who refused to stop Obama’s amnesty want Young workin’ for them.

That’s a bunch of sheep . . . dip.

See, Marlin Stutzman is the true conservative choice for Senate.

Stutzman wants to fix the way Congress spends your taxes even if it means challenging his own party leaders.

That’s right. Stutzman fights for Hoosier values by taking on the Washington special interests. Stutzman works for you. Not them.

Conservative Republican Marlin Stutzman for the Senate . . . to change the Senate.

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