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Congratulations To Ted Cruz and Steve Stockman On Their Impressive Victories

David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, issued the following statement after Ted Cruz and Steve Stockman won impressive double-digit victories last night in the Texas run-off elections:

Ted Cruz ran a great race against the party establishment that initially panned his candidacy. The Cruz victory shows that a consistent conservative message centered on our founding principles can win a resounding victory. CUPVF’s poll early last month showing Cruz in the lead was mocked by establishment ‘experts.’ I look forward to working with Ted Cruz in the coming years to grow the conservative movement and enact fiscally responsible reforms.

Steve Stockman ran a race centered on core conservative values and won.  He will come back to Washington and pick up right where he left off. I am comfortable in saying conservatives across the country have an ally in Steve Stockman. CUPVF did a radio ad in support of Steve Stockman’s strong conservative message and I am humbled that the voters of the district listened to our message.”

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