The Conservative PAC For Conservative Candidates Citizens United PAC endorses Josh Mandel in 2018 Ohio Senate race

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A top conservative group with ties to the Trump campaign has endorsed Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in his 2018 bid to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate.

Citizens United Political Victory Fund, a campaign arm of the Washington D.C.-based political nonprofit, announced its endorsement on Tuesday morning. In a statement, Citizens United President David Bossie called Mandel a “conservative leader” and “principled outsider” who will fight for President Trump’s agenda if he defeats Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in 2018.

“All Sherrod Brown is doing in the Senate is running a permanent obstruction campaign against President Trump” under the direction of Democratic legislative leaders, Bossie said. “Ohioans want more out of their elected leadership than just saying no.”

Bossie took a temporary leave of absence from Citizens United in September to become an assistant director for Trump’s national campaign. In January, he and other former top Trump campaign aides founded a nonprofit called America First Priorities to help promote Trump’s agenda.

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