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Citizens United Political Victory Fund Endorses Fincher – 03/04/10

By David N. Bossie

Frog Jump farmer and gospel-singer Stephen Fincher today welcomed a key endorsement from Citizens United Political Victory Fund, a leading conservative group on Capitol Hill.

“I’m honored to have the support of Citizens United. They’re a strong voice for limited government and traditional values in Washington, and I’m looking forward to joining them in the fight to stop the Obama-Pelosi agenda, advance common-sense conservative solutions and uphold the values that make our country the best on earth.”

Leading conservative groups appear to be coalescing around Fincher, with the Citizens United announcement coming on the heels of endorsements from Concerned Women for America and the Family Research Council.

Citizens United Political Victory Fund’s mission is to support conservative candidates running for federal office. CUPVF is dedicated to assisting candidates who share their vision of reducing the size of government, lowering taxes, cutting spending, promoting traditional family values, and keeping America safe in the mold of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Their goal for the 2010 election cycle is to recapture the majorities in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives by electing candidates who will fight for conservative principles and challenge the agenda of the Obama Administration.

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