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Citizens United Political Victory Fund – Radio Ad “Crossword” Maryland U.S. Senate Supporting Kathy Szeliga

Male: Dear, seven letter word for “not a professional politician.” Starts with S.

Female: Szeliga.

M: Huh?

F: You know: Kathy Szeliga. The conservative Republican running for U.S. Senate. Outsider. Reformer. Wants to take back Washington.

M: Tell me more.

F: Kathy Szeliga, well, she’s one of us. Small business owner. A mom, even a grand mom now. Lives in the real world, not the political world.

M: Oh, we could use some of that in Washington.

F: No kidding. Szeliga wants to focus on jobs. Plus, she’s not afraid to say we need to secure the border and confront radical Islamic terrorism.

Trust me, Kathy Szeliga will take on the career politicians in Washington.

M: It fits! Republican Kathy Szeliga for Senate. She spells “not a professional politician.”

Paid for by Citizens United Political Victory Fund,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Citizens United Political Victory Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Listen to radio ad here.

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