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Chris McDaniel Endorsed By Citizens United Political Victory Fund Against Moderate Incumbent For U.S. Senate in Mississippi

Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF), the affiliated PAC of Citizens United, issued the following statement supporting conservative candidate Chris McDaniel in Mississippi’s U.S. Senate Primary Election. CUPVF will also contribute $10,000 to McDaniel’s campaign – $5,000 each for the primary and general elections.

“Mississippians deserve a principled conservative representing them in the United States Senate,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Sadly, Senator Thad Cochran has become part of the insidious D.C. culture that has caused our nation’s debt to grow to over $17 trillion. That is why CUPVF is fully supporting Chris McDaniel in this seminal primary election against an entrenched incumbent who has been in Washington way too long. Chris McDaniel is a change agent that Washington desperately needs right now to combat those who have steered America off course. Mississippi voters have a clear choice in the upcoming U.S. Senate primary between a moderate and a conservative who will fight for our constitutional principles – Chris McDaniel is that candidate.”

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