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BREITBART: Exclusive: Top Maryland Republicans Dave Bossie, Rep. Andy Harris Endorse Donald Trump for President

Two top Republicans in Maryland endorsed former President Donald Trump for president in 2024, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

The two top Republicans — former Trump 2016 deputy campaign manager and current Republican National Committeeman Dave Bossie and Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) — actually offered their endorsements to Trump more than a month ago, but the Trump team wanted to roll them out after the Iowa caucuses to give him more momentum heading into New Hampshire’s primary on January 23.

“Now more than ever, we need President Trump to Make America Great Again,” Harris, the lone Republican in Maryland’s congressional delegation, said in his endorsement statement, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News. “I look forward to making sure every Marylander knows how disastrous the last three years under Joe Biden have been for America when they vote this November.”

Bossie, the state’s GOP national committeeman, added that Trump’s agenda would help everyone.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Donald J. Trump for president in 2024!” Bossie said. “Are Americans better off today than they were four years ago? The answer is a resounding NO. Joe Biden’s socialist policies have failed across the board, and America needs Donald Trump’s strong leadership now more than ever. I look forward to helping President Trump campaign in Maryland and across the country with the optimistic message of making America great again. Trump’s America first agenda will save America with a booming economy and border security at home and peace through strength abroad.”

These are just the latest top Republicans nationally showing party unification behind Trump as he seeks to vanquish his remaining rivals, wrap up the GOP nomination for president early, and get on with the historic rematch against Democrat President Joe Biden.

The Trump team rolling out these endorsements comes after former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, an avid Never Trump GOP establishment figure, endorsed former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in the 2024 GOP primary. Hogan endorsed Haley right before the Iowa caucuses, but Haley’s poor performance on Monday seems to have blunted her momentum heading into the New Hampshire primary.

The latest poll from USA Today and Suffolk of New Hampshire GOP primary voters shows Trump crushing Haley by well into double digits, with the former president posting majority support at 50 percent. Haley, meanwhile, trails Trump significantly down at 34 percent. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who also had a horrible night in Iowa on Monday, comes in at just five percent in this latest New Hampshire poll, while undecided voters total six percent.

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