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WASHINGTON TIMES: DAVID BOSSIE: Don’t fall for the Senate’s ‘border security’ deal

For the past three years, the uniparty in Washington has allowed President Biden’s deadly open-borders policy to deteriorate into a full-blown catastrophe without lifting a finger. Only now — with the situation well past the boiling point and former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, poised to amplify the critically important issue to Trumpian […]


Now that the Iowa Caucus is behind us and the primary process moves on to New Hampshire next week, it’s time for a reality check about where things stand. I’m a proud Trump supporter, and from where I stand it’s become blatantly obvious that this primary campaign is over and hasn’t been covered accurately by […]

BREITBART: Exclusive: Top Maryland Republicans Dave Bossie, Rep. Andy Harris Endorse Donald Trump for President

Two top Republicans in Maryland endorsed former President Donald Trump for president in 2024, Breitbart News has learned exclusively. The two top Republicans — former Trump 2016 deputy campaign manager and current Republican National Committeeman Dave Bossie and Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) — actually offered their endorsements to Trump more than a month ago, but […]

WASHINGTON TIMES: DAVID BOSSIE: Is justice really blind? Biden’s Bannon-Navarro doctrine dilemma

The House of Representatives is right to begin an official impeachment inquiry against President Biden to finally get to the bottom of the troubling criminal allegations that have been swirling around him and his family’s international influence-peddling operation for the past several years. The House vote could not have come at a better time. House […]